Top 5 Reasons Why Ceramic Tableware Is The Healthiest Material

Oct 5, 22 By Gogoi

Why Ceramic Tableware is the Healthiest Amongst Other Materials?

Ceramic Tableware holds an irreplaceable position in every household. Be it dinner plates, bowls, side plates, serving bowls, cups, mugs, etc., tableware made of the finest quality ceramic material makes the dining experience memorable and cherishing. 

In this blog, let’s explore why Ceramic Tableware is the healthiest and safest as compared to the ones made of any other materials such as Plastic, Bone China, Pottery, Terracotta, etc.


What is Ceramic? 

Ceramics is a special type of material that displays properties like hardness, brittleness, and resistance to corrosion & heat. Minerals such as clay which is nonmetallic in nature are fired at significantly higher temperatures and shaped according to the requirements to develop the best quality ceramic tableware. 

One of the best examples of ceramic material is Stoneware Ceramic. It is is used to develop some of the best ceramic tableware items and is considered one of the top and premium quality ceramics. 

Moving forward, let’s address the burning question – Why Ceramic is the Healthiest amongst other materials used for developing cutleryware, serveware, and drinkware items?


Chemical Free. Helps Maintain a Healthy Diet

Ceramic Tableware such as dinner plates, serving bowls, side plates, etc., are made of non-metallic materials. These are heated up at significantly higher temperatures. This helps to get rid of all the chemicals that might disrupt the purity of your food. 

Ceramic Tableware items are made of materials that are non-toxic in nature. The presence of toxic chemicals in your tableware can ruin your health and cause significant damage to your body. Good quality stoneware ceramic Tableware items help prevent this and give you the best dining experience. 

Another factor that makes them the preferred choice is that they are non-porous. This means they will not absorb any kind of chemicals or toxins. So, you can rest assured that your food is 100% safe, healthy, and tasty.


Chemical Stability of Ceramic Tableware makes them Stand Out

Ceramic Tableware is resistant to acidic and alkaline substances. Not only that but they are also safe from any kind of salts coming in contact with their surface. This gives them an edge because they do not age with time and the quality remains intact. Neither they will rust or get any stains because of unwanted chemicals. This makes them last for a longer period. 

We as Indian customers want to invest in good quality Tableware dishes that go on for years and years. Therefore, ceramic is the preferred choice for crockery across India.


Completely Safe for Microwave

This is another of the advantages of Ceramic Tableware which makes them the preferred choice of Indian Households. Today, a large chunk of the Indian Audience has microwave ovens in their home. So, having tableware items that are safe for Microwave 100%, and help to maintain the food quality and taste are non-negotiable. 

Inside the microwave oven even though they are exposed to such high heat, they do not leak any kind of chemicals which can compromise the quality of your food.


Best Choice to Serve & Store Dairy Products

Ceramic Tableware is made of materials that can help to keep dairy products free from any type of germs and impurities. Not only that, but they also help to enhance the overall taste and aroma of the dairy product. Because of that, these tableware are one of the first and most preferred choices to handle any type of dairy-based dishes. 

Classic examples include serving Kheer, Misti Doi, Custard, etc.


Lead-Free and BPA-Free

The best quality ceramic tableware items that are made up of premium materials such as Stoneware Ceramic are usually lead-free and BPA-free.

Lead-Free means that they don’t have any traces of lead present in them. Some of the traditional ceramic tableware items usually come across with some traces of lead in them. These are usually the ones that are made using low-quality materials and lots of impurities. Many of these are made using inadequate techniques which makes them even more susceptible to a bad user experience. On the other hand, the best quality ceramic items are completely lead-free and ensure food safety every time.

Tableware items that are made of the best quality stoneware ceramics are also BPA free. Any ceramic product termed as BPA-free is one that doesn’t have any trace of organic compound Bisphenol A in them. This is an industry-grade chemical that is used in the manufacturing of polycarbonate plastics and other low-quality tableware items. 

For a good quality tableware set, it is highly necessary that it is both lead-free and BPA-free for the perfect dining experience.


Free from any Bone Ash / Completely Vegetarian

Best quality Stoneware Ceramic Tableware items are always 100% vegetarian. This means they are completely in line with environment-friendliness and no animal products were used during the manufacturing process. Unlike Bone China Tableware items, ceramic tableware is free of animal impurities.


Looking To Buy the Best Ceramic Tableware for Your Dining Area?

Then look no further than The Artisan Emporium. They have an exquisite collection of ceramic dinner sets, plates and platters, serving bowls, dessert bowls, coffee mugs, and a lot more. 

Premium quality stoneware ceramic Tableware items are not just used for serving delectable cuisines but they also enhance the overall ambiance of your dining area. These will help you to keep the health of your family in check as it’s completely free from any kind of toxins and impurities. 

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