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Sep 5, 22 By Gogoi

Here’s Why Ceramic Serving Bowls are the Essence of Every Kitchen

Ceramic Serving Bowls are an irreplaceable part of every household kitchen. They are that perfect piece of cutlery that showcases a multitude of use cases. Be it using them in breakfast, lunch, tea time, or dinner, a ceramic serving bowl set is that one piece of cutlery that can make your family or guests relish the delectable delicacies for an unmatched meal experience. Ceramic Serving Bowls are the center of attraction in every dining area as you can serve a wide range of delicious dishes in them. Whether using them on their own or as a part of a complete ceramic dinner set, the importance of ceramic bowls as a serveware is unmatched.

In this blog let’s reflect upon the various aspects of Ceramic Serving Bowls and Why you should purchase one of the best and premium products for your kitchen and dining area without compromising on any of the aspects


What are the Different Uses of Ceramic Serving Bowls?

Serving bowls made up of ceramic material find a wide range of applications in every household. 

You can use them to serve your dals and vegetables during dinner and lunch. You can also use them to serve any type of curry dish too be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian. 

When it comes to the first meal of the day – breakfast, these bowls can be used for serving fruits, oats, salads, and many other similar dishes. 

For tea time, you can use these ceramic serving bowls to serve delicious snacks to your family or guests. You can pair them up with complementing ceramic tea sets or maybe a pair of ceramic cup & saucer to make chai time more special.

They are also perfect for serving all kinds of soups, and rice dishes such as pulao and biryani. 

Be it serving main course dishes, appetizers or desserts, the usage of ceramic serving bowls are endless in any household.


What are the Various Types?

They come in a multitude of types depending upon their uses such as – 

  • Ceramic Serving Bowls with Lid that you can use to serve any of your main course dishes for lunch and dinner. These can be dals, veggies, or curries.
  • Ceramic Bowls with spoons. You can use these to serve any of the soups, desserts, etc. 
  • Ceramic serving bowls with handles. These are perfect for serving any of the snacking items during morning or evening chai time and mid-day munching.  
  • Small ceramic serving bowls also called Katori, you can pair these with your ceramic plates for a wholesome dining experience. 
  • Large Ceramic serving bowls with handles or lids that you can use to serve fruits, and many other breakfast dishes. 


Different types of ceramic serving bowls


Serving bowls made up of ceramic material are not only versatile and functional but also aesthetically appealing. 

A premium-looking and aesthetically appealing set of ceramic serving bowls in your kitchen crockery cabinet will charm your loved ones. Perfect for maintaining the aesthetics of the dining area, you should only invest in a value-for-money ceramic serving bowl set.

Not only they can enhance the presentation of your food, but also make the dining experience a memorable one whether it’s for the family members or guests. 


Why Ceramic is the Best Material When it comes to Buying Bowls?

Before you head on a ceramic bowls online shopping spree, you need to understand the advantages of ceramics too. Ceramic tableware products are significantly sturdy and durable. They are made by heating them to a higher temperature which makes them non-porous and increases their strength. 



Reasons why ceramic serving bowls are better over other materials


Food stays hot for a long time in ceramic serving bowls as it cools down gradually over a longer time. They are easy to wash and are completely safe for dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves. They come in a variety of designs and colours. 

These are a couple of reasons to go for a ceramic serving bowl set for your dinnerware requirements.


How Do I Choose the Right Ceramic Serving Bowl Set?

You have to first decide what’s your budget for the purchase. Once finalized, then you need to decide what are the uses cases for which you want to purchase the ceramic serving bowls. You need to decide whether you will be using it mostly while having breakfast, lunch, dinner, or evening snacks. 

Once that is decided, you need to finalize the size of your bowls. Whether you want big ceramic serving bowls to serve your main course dishes? Or do you need extra large ceramic serving bowls in case you are catering to a large number of guests in the house? Is there a need for small Katori / small serving bowls too to pair with your ceramic plates? Another step to simplifying the buying process.

Next, you need to decide upon the depth of your serving bowls. Do you need one that is shallow or deep? Pick up a shallow one if you are going to use it mainly during breakfast or evening snacks. On the other hand, pick up a deeper ceramic serving bowl if you will be using then during lunch and dinner meals. 

Moving forward, another aspect that you have to look into is the weight of the bowls. Do you prefer heavy serving bowls or do you prefer light ones? Remember that light ones are easy to carry around while the heavy ones need extra care when it comes to maintenance. Ideally, if you are going to use ceramic serving bowls occasionally, then go for the heavier ones. For daily use, it is recommended to use lighter ones.

Lastly, pick the right set of colours and designs. Simple and elegant vs Colourful and modern design based. White Ceramic Serving Bowls vs designer ones. Pick your choice that resonates well with your personality and the aesthetics of your dining area.


Handmade Ceramic Serving Bowls Vs Mass Produced Ones. Which Is Better?

Ceramic products are something that stays at the core of every household’s dining area. If you are a lover of handcrafted products and want to cherish the craft of highly skilled artisans, go for handmade ceramic serving bowls that to which are made up of stoneware ceramic. These also make for great diwali gifting options or for other occasions too. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of handcrafted art and designs, you can go for industry-produced crockery. 

Handcrafted ceramic serving bowls are better than industry-manufactured ones because they are more durable and gives off a unique charm. Each piece is made by hand and crafted using the best artisanal skills. Moreover, you will get a lot of variety when it comes to handcrafted ceramic bowls as compared to mass-produced ones in industries. 


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