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Oct 5, 22 By Gogoi

Types of Indian Wooden Handicrafts You Will Find in Every Household

Handmade Wooden Handicraft items are an integral part of every Indian Household and have been so for a significantly long time. Rather than a piece of décor, wooden craft items are a symbol of years of carrying the forwarded tradition of valuing handcrafted art and respecting it as an integral and irreplaceable component of home decoration.

In this blog, let’s explore the various types of wooden arts and crafts that fit well in every Indian household.  

Even you can get some ideas from this blog for your home interior decoration and how you can populate your living space with a modern yet traditionally looking set of handmade wooden craft items.


Various Types of Handmade Wooden Craft Items for Your Home Décor.

There are two approaches to classifying wooden craft items. The first is based on simply those used for décor purposes. The second approach is based on their utility. 

So, let’s dive deeper into each of these.


Wooden Craft Items Made Specially for Home Decoration

When it comes to the types of wood handicraft items that are made simply for decoration purposes. They can be classified as the following – 

1. Marquetry based Wood arts and crafts Items

Wooden Handicrafts of India that are made by the finest craftsmen using the technique of marquetry fall under modern arts and crafts items. 

The process involves inserting pieces of other materials into the wood. Through this, the craftsmen create some of the most beautiful patterns with detailed art forms. The materials inserted into the wood include either some other type of wooden material or it may be even metal too. 

The result of creating wood handicraft items through this particular technique are some of the finest quality handmade home décor showpieces. 

Wooden handicrafts made using this technique resemble a modern form of art where earlier different types of knives were used to cut the wood into thin slices. But since it’s quite tedious, today the craftsmen use high-quality saws.

2. Wooden Craft Items Made from Hand Carvings.

Handmade wooden crafts made from free-hand carvings hold a special place in every household. 

They are considered immensely valuable because the skilled craftsman has spent days of effort to carve out an exceptional piece of wooden art just by his hand. 

The finished product is always satisfying to look at. Usually the artisans use a sharp tool during the process of making handcrafted and hand-carved wooden home décor items. 

There are a bunch of steps that a craftsman has to go through to produce perfect-looking hand-carved wooden handicraft items. Some of those include – 

  • Blocking 
  • Surfacing 
  • Smoothening

The process of wood carving to create exceptional-looking wooden handmade crafts is majorly used to create wooden figures, sculptures, idols, and ornaments. 

This is a significantly older practice that has been passed on from generation to generation and still going strong. But with a touch of modern tools and techniques.

3. Intarsia

An Indian Wooden Handicraft Item that is made using this technique resembles the technique where sections of wood are laid inside other wooden objects. The process of creating a wooden handicraft using this process results in a mosaic look / an abstract and figurative look and feel of the finished product.

4. Hand Paintings

Paintings made on Wooden pieces of large blocks are yet another important category of Wooden Handicrafts that holds a special place in every Indian Household. Many people adore art with artistic paintings on wooden pieces.

At times, they represent the history of Indian culture. While at some times it reflects the thoughts and creativity of the artist. 

Over past centuries, wooden hand paintings have evolved in terms of style and overall art. But yet today, they stay the preferred choice for many.


Wooden Craft Items Made from a Utility Perspective

Wooden art and craft items that are made from a utility perspective are usually those which not only enhance the home décor but are also functional. You can use them across your home based on their purpose. 



Some of that can be – 

  • Wooden Serving Trays to serve Coffee, tea, snacks, etc.
  • Wooden Jars and Boxes to Store Spices.
  • Candle Holders – Made up of the finest quality wood to light up your home ambiance.
  • Wooden Tissue Boxes 
  • Wooden Jewellery Boxes.
  • Tea Coasters made of wood.
  • Side stand carved out of a wooden block that you can keep in your living room.
  • Wooden Key Holder.
  • A Candle Stand made of the finest quality wood.
  • Wooden containers for storing random things.

And many more.

So, a wooden handicraft item is not just a piece of décor that you can buy for your home, but it can also be brought to great functional use.


Buy the Best Wooden Handicrafts in India 

When buying wooden Indian Handicrafts for your home, you should consider a lot of aspects such as the type of wood, wood quality, and durability, is it hardwood or Softwood, whether you want to purchase it for decoration purposes or will you bring it to some functional use, and your budget.

The Artisan Emporium aka TAE is the leading artisanal brand in India that has some of the premium quality wooden Indian Handicrafts available. You can buy the best wooden craft items at the best prices and quality. All our products are made from the best quality SHEESHAM and MDF wood materials.

Each of our wooden handicrafts is handmade by skilled artisans. And the experience you get from using them for your home décor is unmatchable. Get the best quality wooden art products in India.

We have the best and unique design elements in our wood handicraft items that are not only just a treat to the eyes but also portray the preserved Indian Tradition, but with a modern touch.

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