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Jul 9, 22 By Gogoi

How to Pick Unique & Personalized Corporate Gifts in 2022

Be it your clients that have been working with you for so long or your employees who have been a part of your organization for many years – it doesn’t hurt to give them a token of goodwill or appreciation from time to time. And what’s better than thoughtful and unique corporate gifts boxes filled with valuable items to cheer up their day and bring a smile to their faces!

Today, The Artisan Emporium brings to you a complete guide to selecting the perfect Customized corporate gifts for clients and employees so that you can express your gratitude towards them the right way.

Stick To These 3 Key Aspects to Give Excellent Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifting, there can be tens of different aspects which can apply to different organizations based on their culture and how they function. But broadly speaking, you need to keep these three key aspects in mind to select the best corporate gifts for employees and clients.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts While Giving Corporate Gifts.

  • Keep Personalization your Top Priority. Avoid sticking to a generic gifting approach and personalize the corporate gifts boxes for the best experience.
  • Strictly stay away from any kind of promotions. Corporate gifting is a way to show your gratitude towards the other person related to your organization. Not for unnecessary and inappropriate promotions. 
  • Be appropriate and stick to professional guidelines. Since corporate gifting is different from personal gifting, you should always customize and personalize the corporate gifts boxes meaningfully in the context of your business.
  • Make a meaningful corporate gifting plan that portrays originality and genuineness. Don’t do it just for the sake of gifting. A unique & meaningful gift is far more valuable than a generic gift. 

unique & meaningful corporate gifts will make employees feel more valuable

  • Take into account the timing for the corporate gifting. Give it around festivals such as Diwali, Eid, Christmas, or around special occasions, holidays, important milestones, corporate events, parties, awards, etc. 
  • Work on the presentation of the corporate gifts boxes. Follow a gift management process to avoid all kinds of hassles.

Focus on the “WHY” behind your corporate gifting gesture.

Giving corporate gifts can help your business in a multitude of ways. You just need to figure out which of the below aspects serves your goal –

  • Build stronger relationships with your clients and employees.
  • Strengthening your company culture. An organization that appreciates employees and their clients, and shows gratitude towards them through thoughtful gifts ends up delighting them always. It also shows that the company values them and will not hesitate to recognize their presence and relationship consistently.
  • It wouldn’t be completely appropriate to say that a company should only show material appreciation towards its employees. But it would be wise to say that giving corporate gifts boxes will end up motivating them. It will boost their confidence to give their best at work. It instills social recognition and peers respect for the employees.
  • Corporate Gifting can act as a medium to spread the word about your company. Through customized and personalized corporate gifts, you might end up doing free advertising for your organization. When your employees and clients help you leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing across channels, it builds your credibility and uplifts your social image as an organization.
  • Corporate gifts can act as a source of incentives for tasks that are critical to your business’s success. Maybe you need to boost the confidence of your sales and business development team? Or need to instill enthusiasm in your other team members for upcoming planned mission-critical tasks? Corporate gifting can be a great source to hit multiple aims with a single arrow.

Overcome Critical Corporate Gifting Challenges as a Business. 

Giving corporate gifts to your employees and clients can be tricky and challenging at times. 

As your business grows, your priority shifts towards building relationships wherever possible – be it with employees so that they stay in your company for long, or with your clients so that you keep them happy and carry ahead with a long-term professional relationship.

Here are some of the critical challenges an organization can face when it comes to giving corporate gifts – 

  • Doing not enough personalization in the corporate gifts boxes.
  • Your team can get entangled in a lot of administrative challenges. 
  • There might be some budget issues at times. Selecting the right budget and procuring an appropriate gift may get challenging.
  • Maintaining the timing factor. You would not want to send gifts to your employees or clients on any random day. It should be in line with the occasion, especially if it’s a festival or holiday season.
  • Sending them common and monotonous gifts. This shows that you are in a creative rut and not giving much effort to show your appreciation towards the other person. Go off track from the usual sweet boxes and pick up some exciting gifting options that your employees, clients or other professional associates will deeply cherish. For instance, handcrafted products make for amazing corporate gifting option cause of their charm and uniqueness. Check out these amazing collection of artisanal handcrafted pieces that makes the most unique & memorable gift.

How Do I Find a Unique Corporate Gift?

Are you looking to buy the perfect Corporate Gifts Online for your upcoming occasion? Have you been wandering on Google trying to find out – “Which are the best corporate gifts shop near me?”

Do you have a well-defined list of your corporate gifting requirement?

Buying personalized corporate gifts online for your clients and employees isn’t that difficult if you focus on the right approach.

At The Artisan Emporium, we have a carefully curated collection of easy corporate gifting items that you can pick based on your requirements and budget. We will help you to figure out the best corporate gifts ideas for employees and your clients.

Buy customized corporare gifts at The Artisan Emporium

All our products are handcrafted and unique. Because of this, we are considered the best corporate gifts company. At TAE, We supply creative, appealing, truly customized and personalized corporate gifts online in India across multiple locations.

Our Corporate Gifting Range consists of home décor pieces, ceramic dinnerware sets, tableware, bath décor/accessories, drinkware and much more. Perfect for any type of corporate gifting occasion. 

So if you have any kind of requirements, feel free to contact us. Visit our Corporate Gifting Section to know more details about our offerings. 

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