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Jul 11, 22 By Gogoi

Handcrafted Blue Ceramic Dinner Sets – A Feast To Your Eyes

Upgrade your serving & dining experience with The Artisan Emporium Blue Swirl Ceramic Dinner Set. Our exquisite blue ceramic dinner sets are perfect for every occasion be it everyday meals with your family or serving food to your guests on a dinner party. The charming ceramic pieces with eye-catching design never fails to impress its spectators! It’s a must have ceramic dinner set for every modern home.


Make Your Meals An Elegant Affair With Blue Ceramic Dinner Set


Ceramic dinnerware set is the main attraction in a dining table. It is much more than just crockery that you use for serving food- Using the right or appropriate ceramic sets for dinner can uplift the whole dining experience. You can check out our detailed guide on How To Buy The Perfect Ceramic Dinner Set for your home.

Our Blue Swirl Ceramic Dinner Set adorns pretty swirl patterns resembling the humble Indian dessert Jalebi. The soft hued Blue shade is pleasing to the eyes making your dining experience a memorable one. The entire ceramic dinner set is thoughtfully designed to add a contemporary look to your dining set up with a touch of traditional yet traditional vibe.

The Artisan Emporium Blue Dinner Set

These Artisanal ceramic products are nothing but Craftsmanship at its finest! All the pieces are handcrafted individually which results in minute variations in color, design or look. This is what makes every piece unique and is the charm of every handmade item. 

Checkout Our Entire Collection of Ceramic Dinner Sets available in a wide range of aesthetic designs & colors.

What Constitutes Our Blue Ceramic Dinner Sets?


Indian ceramic dinner sets are available as a combination of different types of dinnerware pieces. It mainly depends on what type of food you are planning on serving or for what occasion you will be using the ceramic dinnerware set for. Our Blue Ceramic Dinner Set is available in multiple combinations such as our blue dinner set with serving bowls or our ceramic dinner set with quarter plates etc. Our ceramic dinnerware sets constitute of the following:


Katori Bowls/Veg Bowls


The Artisan Emporium Blue Ceramic Katori Bowls

These katori bowls or vegetable bowls are small in size which you can use for serving:

  • Snacks
  • Curry
  • Vegetable
  • Fruits
  • Dessert
  • Salad and more!

Size/Capacity: 10.5 X 10.5 X 4.5cm/180 ml


Dinner Plates


The Artisan Emporium Blue Ceramic Dinner Plate

Full dinner plates that are ideal for Serving Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast or any main course meal.

Size/Capacity: 10 inches diameter


Side Plates


The Artisan Emporium Blue Ceramic Side Plates (2)

These small side or quarter plates are perfect for serving food items like:

  • Appetizers
  • Chapatis & other Indian breads
  • snacks
  • Fruits
  • Dessert and more

Size/Capacity: 7 inches diameter


Serving Bowl


The Artisan Emporium Blue Ceramic Serving Bowls

Large serving bowls are ideal for serving variety of food items like:

  • Curry
  • Rice
  • Fruits
  • Ramen
  • Salad and more!

Size/Capacity: 16.5 X 16.5 X 7.5cm/800ml

At The Artisan Emporium You can also buy our dinner sets depending on how many people you will be serving. So you can choose from a wide range of options like Ceramic Dinner Sets For 6 or Ceramic Dinner Set For 4 etc.


What Makes The Artisan Emporium Blue Ceramic Dinner Set Special


So you are looking to buy blue ceramic dinner set online. And you will get many options to choose from. But if you are looking for the best ones, you will find it at TAE. We have the best ceramic dinnerware sets that are worth investing your money in. Here’s Why Choose The Artisan Emporium:

Handcrafted,  Hand Glazed & Hand-painted

The Artisan Emporium supports & promoted handcrafted/artisanal work

All the pieces of this set are hand glazed & double fired at 1200 degree Celsius. They are handcrafted by local artisans from scratch. So by buying this set you will be supporting as well as celebrating the very best of Made In India products

High Quality Ceramic Material

As a brand, maintaining product quality is our top priority. All Our Products are made with good quality ceramic material. They undergo frequent quality checks & testing. Moreover, they are chip resistant and do not catch food stains.

Microwave Safe & Dishwasher Safe

All the components of the dinner set are designed for the modern home. So you can safely place the plates & bowls in a microwave to warm up food. They are also dishwasher safe for your ease and convenience

Food Safe & Non Toxic

Made from all natural ingredients, the dinnerware pieces are completely food safe. They are lead free, BPA Free and contain no bone ash. 

Meaningful & Thoughtful Gift

Our Blue Ceramic Dinner Set makes the perfect gifting option for festivals & special occasions such as birthdays, house-warming, anniversaries, weddings, diwali etc. Hence, its makes for a unique & meaningful gift that your loved ones will truly cherish.


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