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Oct 4, 22 By Gogoi

5 Reasons Why Handicraft Items Make The Best Diwali Gifts

When Diwali starts getting around the corner, one of the biggest challenges for everyone is to get the best Diwali Gifts for their friends, family, and loved ones. Frankly speaking, it’s a TASK, and it takes a lot of effort and energy to get it right. The tradition of giving gifts on Diwali has become mainstream as its one of the best ways for people to show their love, gratitude, and affection towards their loved ones.

But how to decide which is the best type of gift to give to your loved ones?

Well, there are numerous categories to choose from.

Our Preference? It’s always better to go with Handmade and Handcrafted gift items. Because the joy that you will see on your loved ones’ faces will be precious and full of genuine happiness.

Here are our – 


Top Reasons Why We Recommend Handmade Gift Items this Diwali Season


Handmade gift items have their charm and they appear to be special no matter what the gift is. The biggest reasons that everyone loves handcrafted gift items are – 


They Have a Distinguishable Character and Essence.

This means that the experience a person gets from receiving a handmade gift item is incomparable to any other type of gift. Industry-manufactured gift items do not have that touch of personalization that a handmade Diwali gift item can have. 

A handmade Diwali Gift appears a lot more personalized and makes the receiver feel for the gift. As Indians, it’s our notion that we never forget about things that someone personalizes for us. Therefore, never miss out on the opportunity to gift a personalized and Handmade Gift Item to your loved ones.

 A unique and thoughtful Diwali gift that is handmade and personalized is undoubtedly appreciated for a long time because it stands out for the recipient. It portrays that the gift has some meaning, not given just for the sake of giving gifts. 


Handmade Diwali Gifts Items are Always Budget Friendly.

When a Festive Season like Diwali is just a few days away, expenses across every household are bound to increase. 

So, if you are someone who is on a budget and doesn’t want to spend a fortune on the tradition of Diwali Gifting, then always go for handmade items and products. They are manufactured by highly skilled artisans and craftsmen who can make these gifts at a fraction of the price compared to industry-made ones. 

Moreover, the raw material used to make handcrafted Diwali gifts across different products comes affordable. Therefore, the price of the final product is also quite on the lower side.

This is another great reason to always go for Handcrafted items as Diwali gifts this festive season.


You will end up Supporting & Uplifting Local Artisans through Handicrafts

One of the biggest reasons to go for handmade products this Diwali season is to give a push to local and rural artisans who spend day and night working hard to get their products into the market and make a name for themselves. 

These artisans have been doing this for decades and the skills have been passed on from one generation to the next. 

So, when you buy handcrafted products from a retailer or directly from them, you end up supporting their craft and uplifting their work in the mainstream market. 

Paired with a good word-of-mouth promotion, it can do wonders for these local artisans. 

Giving Diwali Gifts that are locally made and handcrafted using complex techniques by these skilled craftsmen ensures that their livelihood keeps moving seamlessly and they stay motivated to produce exceptional products. 


Handcrafted Diwali Gifts Will Help You Build Unforgettable Memories.

Festivities like Diwali are all about making memories to cherish forever. Diwali gifting is supposed to be a meaningful act to show love & affection. A gift which is personalized and handmade by skilled artisans and small businesses ensures that the recipient remembers you as a favorite memory whenever he/she sees that gift in their home. 

These days it’s hard to form a real connection with anybody. So go gift your friends/family a unique piece of handcrafted item. Be the one who forms a real connection with their loved ones. Form memories and it will create a ripple effect of happiness and joy.


Handmade Diwali Gifts are More Durable and Last longer.

Be it any ceramic items such as dinner sets, plates, and plates, cups, mugs, tea sets, or wooden handicraft items – the ones that are handmade by local artisans have higher durability and lasts longer. That’s because while manufacturing by hand, they give attention to detail and ensure the fine quality of every single product. 

On the other hand, items made with industry processes are generally commercialized with no attention given to quality.

So, it’s always better to buy local handmade products from small artisans or businesses which involve them. The product quality that you get is unmatched and makes the purchase a complete value for money.


Looking to Buy the Best Handmade Gift Items this Diwali Season?

Look no further than The Artisan Emporium. We have one of the finest collections of handmade gift items that are perfect for Diwali gifting both for family/friends and corporate employees. 

Explore our exquisite range of premium quality handcrafted products that are a perfect choice for Diwali gifting. 

We have a diverse collection of products across 10+ categories with multiple colors, designs, and pattern options to choose from. Select the one that best fits your requirements. 

Buy your Diwali Gift Items Today and celebrate this festive season like never before.

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